Improved Goat Breeds

We have a large stock of Savannah and Boer goats as well as cross breeds with the native Mubende goats to ensure you can take full advantage of the improved characteristics

Improved Cattle Breeds

Our herd includes mainly bronsmara and boran breeds of beef cattle which are ideal because of their adaptability to all environments as well as their higher fertility rates

Conducive Environment

Our ranch is located in an ideal location for the breeding of exotic breeds with lush vegetation and adequate water

Artificial Insemination

This is carried out using imported sexed semen (to produce female calves) particularly to introduce high quality genetic material in the existing cattle stock.

Cross Breeds

Our breeding program ensures we can take full advantage of the characteristics of the exotic as well as the local breeds


Welcome to Ssembeguya Estates

Ssembeguya Estates (U) Limited (SEUL) is incorporated in Uganda  under the companies act as a private limited company. The company owns and operates a 6 sq. mile ranch and appears to be the leading private exotic cattle and goat breeder in the country. The ranch was established in 1995 and is located at Kakinga Village, Ntutsi  sub-county, Sembabule District in the south-eastern part of Uganda.

We breed mainly exotic breeds of beef livestock and our main breeds are Boran and Bronsmara among the cattle and Savanna and Boer among the goat breeds.
We have a Cross breeding and Artificial Insemination Program where local breeds are mated with our exotic breeds in order to have a herd that can take advantage of the characteristics of both the local and exotic breeds. We work closely with both Public and Private entities.

We use modern farming methods and equipment on our ranch which is also blessed with good weather and vegetation. Our modern farming methods are available to local farmers through our CSR Program (Corporate social responsibility) and we also stock modern farming equipment for farmers interested in increasing their yield and efficiency.